Real Okie Outdoor Living has been installing and maintaining top-quality drainage systems for over 20 years. Residential or commercial, we design and construct high-quality drainage systems that get the job done. Large landscapes or drainage to protect your home’s foundation, we’re the Tulsa drainage contractor to choose.

Experts in Surface & Groundwater Drainage

Drains can be constructed to remove surface water or groundwater. Filter drains are designed to remove groundwater, while collector drains are designed to drain groundwater and surface water.  Our Tulsa landscape company will help you decide what solution is best for you after an in-depth analysis of the property and its surrounding area.


Tulsa Area French Drain Experts

Rainwater Pools Can Damage Your Home

Allowing water to pool in your yard can lead to water seeping into foundations, basements and crawl spaces. That can lead to water damage or toxic mold issues. Proper drainage installed by our Tulsa drainage professionals protects homes and businesses from certain damage over time.

Tulsa Frech Drain Installation

We specialize in French Drain construction. French drains are primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations as an alternative to open ditches in the landscape. Also known as trench drains or filter drains, a French drain channels water that would otherwise pool in the yard, away from the property in specially constructed pipes that are submerged in a turf covered gravel or rock filled trench.

French drains are effective for removing excess water that pools in the lawn after rainstorms and just as effective at protecting the home’s foundation and basement. French drains may be used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure. As Tulsa’s leading French drain contractor, we know how to protect from water damage.

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Drains can be constructed by our Tulsa landscaping company that terminate in attractive “rain gardens” that are designed with water-loving plants or trees.

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