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Pavilions are great open-sided timber structures with roofs that provide utility and shelter in the landscape. They are typically rectangular in shape and can be as large or small as desired. Pavilions are excellent for social gatherings and can be fitted with kitchen conveniences and the comforts of a fireplace.

Gazebos are characteristically pentagonal or circular wooden structures with a roof and open sides. They can be screened to protect from the elements while still providing a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Build a luxury destination in your own backyard.

A pavilion can be a private retreat in your Tulsa landscape. Whether relaxing outside, having a spontaneous lunch, or hosting a dinner party, you will have countless hours of joy in your pavilion. Features like television, refrigerator, grill, and fireplace, create the best evening space on the property from spring to fall.

Pavilions and gazebos are traditionally made with attractive, durable, weather resistant timbers like cedar. Either can range from simple structures to luxurious timber and stone edifices. One of the great things about pavilions and gazebos is that they inspire homeowners to spend more time outside.

Everything begins with design.

Pavilions and gazebos need to be strategically placed in the landscape to be most effective. Whether near the pool, patio, deck or open space, our Tulsa pavilion installer will assess your project and help determine the ideal location for your structure.

“When we need a place to rest and restore ourselves… when we need a place where we can enjoy family and friends, it’s nice to have a space outside where we don’t have to worry about the weather.”

-Diane B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Luxury and leisure in your outdoor living area

Pavilion or gazebo, simple or complex, whatever your heart desires, call Real Okie Outdoor Living now for a free consultation and let’s get started designing your perfect Tulsa outdoor living space today.

You Deserve a Place to Entertain and Relax!

Show your style and add value to your home with a custom-built pavilion by Real Okie Outdoor Living. Give us a call to schedule a free backyard design estimate.


Outdoor Structure Materials & Amenities:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Refrigerators
  • Grills
  • Complete Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Entertainment
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Paver Patio / Flooring
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