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There is a little to consider when responsibly dealing with burn bans and fire features. To begin with, take burn bans seriously. Violations come with fines and up to one year in jail. And so, awareness of local burn bans is important. During local burn bans, we need to know what we can and cannot do in our Tulsa backyards.

Thinking about burn bans and fire features, Real Okie Outdoor Living wants to remind you to use your outdoor fire feature responsibly.

  • Never Leave Fire Unattended
  • Check for Current Burn Bans
  • Understand what is and is not permitted during a burn ban
  • Maintain adequate fire extinguishing capability
  • Keep Children and Pets Away
  • Use a Metal Screen to Reduce Flying Embers with wood fires

Exemptions to Burn Bans

Like with all rules, burn bans come with exceptions. Above all, we need to know what is and is not permissible during a temporary ban on outdoor burning in Tulsa. Throughout a burn ban, wood-burning fire pits and outdoor fireplaces should not be used. However, gas grills are usually exempted. Restrictions can vary from county to county but predictable exemptions generally exist for activities such as welding.

In Oklahoma, county commissioners have legal power to initiate a burn ban. With changing conditions of drought, bans are more inclusive. During a drought, it is a good idea to keep appraised of newscasts, social media and official information sites in order to stay current. Bans sometimes prohibit any ash-producing fire.

The Oklahoma Forestry Service website has a page dedicated to informing the public. The government-run website has up to date information on local burn bans. Click any county to get a local update. The site is a great resource for quick access to burn ban information.

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