When considering improvements to the landscape, our options are nearly limitless. Certainly, landscaping features create a more inviting lawn. But, what are the things that have the greatest impact in our landscapes? Well balanced soils and proper plant placement combined with proper drainage and tons of flowering plants are probably the most important aspects of our landscapes. Beyond that, we create the most welcoming spaces by adding things like covered patios, pergola’s and maybe even a garden swing or two. Proper landscaping will add immeasurable value to your lawn and life alike.

Landscaping Features that Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Without a doubt, the following improvements will add not only economic value to your home, they will also make your landscape more enjoyable for you and those you love the most. Adding landscaping features is the number one way to increase your enjoyment while relaxing in your own backyard.

Effective Soil – To begin with, we must have healthy soil. In order to have a beautiful garden, we first should check the well-being of our dirt. Testing soil for proper acidity for the plants you intend to grow is essential. Failing to do this very often gives poor results.

Perfect Plant Placement – When choosing the appropriate place for a plant we must consider a few things. First, we want to know that the plant will thrive in our region. Then, we want to know that our plant will get enough light. In other words, we do not want our plants to be under or over-exposed to sunlight.

Proper Drainage – For plants to thrive, adequate drainage is needed. When rainwater floods the landscape, plants suffer and can even die. That is why it is so important to provide proper drainage for you lawn. Without it, standing water may destroy what you have worked so hard to create.

Lots of Flowering plants – If you want to add visual interest to your landscape, there is no better way than to be thoughtful and generous with your use of flowering plants.

Freestanding Structures – After soils are balanced, drainage is in place and your plants are in full bloom, you may want to consider adding something like a pergola or covered patio to your lawn.

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